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Meeting Basic Needs


Arise for Families works with two people groups that struggle with meeting their basic human needs. Some are refugees that are forced to flee their homes, leaving everything behind; while some live in rural poverty. Both groups have many challenges accessing food, shelter and clean water. 


WASH Program

Lack of access to water, sanitation and hygiene causes many preventable diseases that lead to early mortality and childhood developmental delays. Arise for Families believes that meeting these basic human needs is a right that increases quality of life and equips people to engage in sustainable living. We partner with local government officials to promote the Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) initiative. 



Arise for Families provides access to clean water for the people we serve through installing rain water tanks and implementing boreholes to local communities to increase access. 







Arise for Families assists with sanitation by providing pit latrines to eliminate open deification in an effort to decrease preventable diseases and early mortality.

Arise for Families provides hand washing stations at the local school and church, as well as tip taps and showers to increase hygienic practices. This helps to prevent the spread of disease. 

Child Nutrition Program

Active feeding programs have shown to improve a child's ability to focus and engage in their learning. At the Arise school we provide daily breakfast to lower primary ages as well as breakfast and lunch for full day students grades P3 and above.


Many of our families are living in unsafe housing structures that lead to accidental fires, mod inhalation and potential collapse. We work to identify families that are current living in these conditions and provide safer dwelling structures along with permanent roofs. 

Emergency Feeding Project

Due to natural disasters, like COVID-19, many families lose employment and income leaving them with no money for food.  Citizens are unable to travel long distances due to a lack public transportation to obtain food. These obstacles has created a food crisis that takes lives daily. In the event of an emergency we provide immediate hunger relief to decrease the number of people entering into acute phases of starvation. 

Our Mission
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