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Spiritual Growth


The LORD will always lead you, satisfy you in a parched land, and strengthen your bones. You will be like a watered garden and a spring whose water never runs dry. 

                                                                             Isaiah 58: 11-12


Trauma Healing 

Refugees are a unique group of people that are navigating a variety of extreme life challenges. They are strangers living in a foreign land, learning a new language and facing extreme poverty while being forced to live in a refugee camp. They are surviving the pain of gruesome, often horrific loss. Many of whom have been physically harmed, maimed or assaulted. 

 We want our mommas to know that they are seen and loved by GOD and that he has not forgotten them. He sees them in their distress and cares for them individually. Their stories matter to us too, and we care deeply about their humanity. 

Arise partners with local counselors that are trained with working with people who have experienced complex trauma. We have a trained counselor on staff that offers individual and group counseling services. 

Spiritual Support

Life was never meant to be walked through alone. Because our mommas are working together in their cooperatives, they have a unique bond. We seek to deepen their connection by offering a space to meet for classes and fellowship. This is a safe place for them to share their day-to-day struggles and bear one another's burdens

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